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A Map of 100 miles round Boston, 1775 Massachusetts by Bernard Romans, 1775 A new and accurate map of the colony of Massachusets [sic] Bay, 1780
Bowles's New Pocket Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England, c1785 Massachusetts, CT, RI, and parts of NH & NY by Archibald Kennedy, 1846 Map of Rail Road Routes From Rouse's Point to Portsmouth and Boston, 1847
Rail road & township map of Massachusetts, published at the Boston Map Store, 1879 Map of the electric railways of the state of Massachusetts accompanying the report of the railroad commissioners by Geo. H. Walker & Co., 1899 Boston and the country adjacent by J. De Costa, 1775
Boston and its environs by Sir Thomas Hyde Page, 1776 Bird's-eye view of Boston by T. Sulman, 1870s The City of Boston by Currier & Ives, 1873
Boston bird's-eye view from the north by J. Bachman, 1877 View of Boston, Massachusetts by H.H. Rowley & Co., 1880 Boston Highlands, Wards 19, 20, 21 & 22 of Boston by O.H. Bailey & Co., 1888
Bird's eye view of Boston by Geo. H. Walker & Co, 1902 Boston and Environs by Geo. H. Walker & Co., 1905 Chicopee, Mass. by D. Bremner & Co, 1878
Dedham, Mass. by E. Whitefield, 1876 Fitchburg, Mass. by L. R. Burleigh, 1882. Aero view of Fitchburg, Massachusetts by T. M. Fowler, 1915
Foxborough, Mass., by O. H. Bailey & J. C. Hazen, 1879 Haverhill, Massachusetts by O.H. Bailey & Co., c1893 Aero view of Haverhill, Massachusetts by Fowler & Downs, 1914
Bird's eye view of the city of Holyoke and Village of South Hadley Falls, Mass. by A. F. Poole, 1881 Market Street, Lynn, Mass., as it appeared in 1820 by William T. Oliver Home of the Hutchinson Family, High Rock, Lynn, Mass. by C.A. Shaw and H.J. Hutchinson, c1881
Medford, Massachusetts by O.H. Bailey & Co., 1880 Bird's eye view of the town of Nantucket by J. J. Stoner, 1881 Newton Centre, Massachusetts by O.H. Bailey & Co, 1897