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Panoramic view of Akron, Ohio by Beck & Pauli, 1882 Bowling Green, Ohio by Burleigh & Norris, 1888 Map of the city of Cincinnati from actual survey by Joseph Gest, 1838
Topographical map of the city of Cincinnati, from actual survey by Doolittle & Munson, 1841 Birds eye view of Cleveland, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1877 Cleveland, Ohio by C. H. Vogt & Son, 1887
Birds eye view of Columbus, Ohio by H. H. & O. H. Bailey, 1872 Dayton, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1870 Bird's eye view of the town of Elyria, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1868
Findlay, Ohio, the Gas City by Burleigh & Norris, c1889 Bird's eye view of Massillon, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1870 Bird's-eye-view of the city of Sandusky, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1870
Toledo, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1876 Bird's eye view of Warren, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1870 Panoramic view of the city of Youngstown, Ohio by A. Ruger, 1882