Panoramic view of West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach and Lake Worth, 1915 Correct map of Florida, season of 1894-5, showing the Tropical Trunk Line Gracie Emmett in her great play The Pulse of New York, 1891
Birds eye view of Florida and part of Georgia and Alabama Drawn from nature, 1861 Reduced map of the sides and the inside of the isle of Florida, in French, 1780 Chicago in 1868 from Schiller Street north side to 12th Street south side by A. Ruger
Maps showing the Florida Transit and Peninsula Rail Road and its connections, 1882 Bird's eye view of Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1909 A New Map of Part of the United States of North America, Containing the Carolinas and Georgia, also the Floridas and Part of the Bahama Islands, 1806